Commercial Lock Changes in Colorado Springs

What’s actually involved in setting up keyless entry for most businesses in Colorado Springs?  Most businesses here have narrow stile aluminum front doors.  They commonly have a bolt (called an Adams Rite latch) with a keyed lock (called a mortice cylinder).  To switch from this keyed system to one which has both push buttons and a mortice cylinder within it, most Keyless entries for commercial propertiesbusinesses can switch to keyless entry with a few basic changes.  The bolt is replaced with a dead latch which retracts and locks when the door is closed.  A door closer accomplishes this quite handily.  Heavy duty commercial door closers cost about $250.00.  The lock itself is generally the Alarm Lock DL1300 ($450.00).  Adams Rite latch ($100).  An extended length mortice cylinder, with a special cam and  a five pin Schlage cylinder, is included with the lock at no extra cost.  Two levers, inside and out, are $50.00 each, or a push plate on the inside (instead of a lever) at $90.00.  Installation of all these items is generally about $600.00.  Total cost for this basic system, sold and installed by Mountain Locksmith LLC,  around $1500.00.  Please compare our prices to all other locksmiths in Colorado Springs.  The suggested list price for the DL1300 is $706.00.

What can the Alarm Lock DL1300 actually do?  It can hold hundreds of codes, based on the day and the hour, allowing a business to grant entry to hundreds of different groups throughout the day, week or month.  With simple keypad entry, a business owner,( and eight levels of security graded programmers) can add, change or delete timed access in just a few minutes, all through the front keypad.  Codes are four to six digits.  High security mortice cylinders are also available in lieu of the five pin Schlage, at an extra cost.  The DL1300 is so versatile, dependable, and secure that it is absolutely the industry standard for commercial keyless entry.

If the business owner needs an audit trail showing who has entered and when, then a number of other items will be necessary to complete those tasks.  These items include a pc laptop (almost any basic pc will suffice, and it needn’t be purchased from a locksmith),  Windows software, a gateway, wire connectors which run from the front of the lock to the laptop, and possibly adaptors for that particular laptop.  With the pc, gateway, software, connectors and adaptors, the DL1300 can now be programmed directly on your laptop, rather than through the keypad.  This system will not allow remote programming from home.  You will still have to plug your laptop into the front of the DL1300 in order to do programming and to view the audit trail.  Programming will be quicker and easier with the laptop than with the keypad, and only by pairing the DL1300 with a laptop can the audit trail be viewed.  The extra items (gateway, software, connectors and adaptors, but not the laptop) are generally about $1000.00

Don’t want your employees or clients to have to enter a code on a keypad?  Fobs are also available for the DL1300 system.  Just wave and enter.

If keys are no longer sufficient for your access control, consider an Alarm Lock system, either to grant access to hundreds of different groups through keypad programming, or to see who has actually entered, and when, through a pc, or windows enabled Mac.  Call Mountain Locksmith LLC for a free quote, and to find out the myriad capabilities of this incredible system.