As a 24 hour emergency locksmiths we connect with our customers throughout El Paso and Teller Counties primarily through mobile devices which cue them with services “near me”: “emergency or residential locksmith near me”, “lock repair near me” etc.

That’s useful information for getting quick service, but not always the best for price, services, or products. Locksmithing in Colorado Springs takes in a huge range of services, and it’s always a good idea to get three or four quotes, and to listen closely to the people you might be dealing with. 

  • Are they friendly, happy,motivated, respectful, and quickly available? 
  • Ask for a firm quote and arrival time. 
  • As much as possible, be specific about all the things you need done. 
  • Some companies specialize in automotive keys, or safes, or commercial locksmithing, or residential locksmithing, but most don’t cover all locksmith services. 
  • Take a look at reviews! If you see any bad reviews, you might be wise to look elsewhere, and that’s a wise approach for hiring any service provider. 

The truly professional locksmith tries to help out everyone who calls, whether with top notch service, or with referrals to others, or even with information about where to personally buy a product at the best price. 

Locksmithing is really all about helping others, both with service and information. If you were to call every locksmith company in El Paso and Teller Counties, you’d find some who are friendly and helpful, and some who are cranky, some with high prices, and some with low prices. 

Shop around and save. Find someone nice and friendly. 

Ask a question of that little three by five inch computer which you carry around. Where can I get “smart lock” installation, how can I upgrade my locks, who does lock repair, who installs new mailbox locks, who has 24 hour emergency lockout service? See what comes up.

Mobile devices are by far the most commonly used computers, but really don’t have the best operating systems, so don’t restrict your searches to “emergency locksmiths near me open now”. Call around. You might be surprised at the price differences and availability. Mountain Locksmith prides itself on some of the lowest prices in El Paso and Teller Counties, and is generally out the door and on the way in less than three minutes. We can service all of Colorado Springs, Monument and Fountain in a half hour or less. About half of our business is in Teller and Park Counties. 

Think you have to wait a day or so for rekeying, installations or commercial work? Not so. Even if you’re up in Florissant or Lake George, we’ll be there in less than two hours, and get even large jobs done in one day, with a firm quote you can depend upon. Mountain Locksmith has a full range of automotive keys and the equipment to cut and program most car and truck keys. 

Need a new remote or key remote? Give us a call for a quote! Lost your keys or need programmed duplicates? Please give us a call! We come to you throughout El Paso, Pueblo, Teller, and Park Counties. We’re always open. 24/7. If it’s 3 AM and you’re locked out, or need a key, please give us a call! Half the people who call us late at night say they’ve made several calls and we’re the first locksmith to answer the phone. 

Emergency? We’re available. This is an owner- operated business and every call is important.Yes, even early on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Have small safes or tool boxes you need opened, recombinated or repaired? Need cabinet and drawer locks opened, repaired or installed? How about gate locks, padlocks, sliding glass door locks? We install, repair and rekey (almost) all locks for home and business, even high security and restricted keyway. We’re happy to come out and give a free, no obligation estimate on any work you need done. That’s a good approach when getting quotes on larger jobs where you need a firm price. There’s no substitute for seeing the site in person to know exactly what’s involved. 

Ask us for an on-site free quote!