The market for real estate here in Southern Colorado remains very strong. Homes are selling very quickly. All new home buyers and renters in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas should think about how many keys for their new home might be floating around out there!

Rekey Colorado Springs HomeMove-in-time is a good time to consider security. Take a quick look at your locks. If they are in pretty good shape then perhaps all you need to do is put them all on a new key. I find that new Colorado Springs home buyers often get a hodgepodge of keys from the sellers, with some locks not working with any key. We can help you put all the locks on one key, and make sure that all the deadbolts throw smoothly and completely, so you don’t have to pull or push the door to get the bolt to throw effortlessly. That’s a really nice way to have all your doors set up!

Mountain Locksmith will move and drill out strike plates so all latches are correctly engaged, and all bolts extend fully and easily. That is a professional key change. If for any reason you must have more than one type of key, we will help you minimize the number of keys to keep things simple. Let Mountain Locksmith give you a firm quote on a low cost key change. If you’re in Colorado Springs, we’re happy to come out and take a look at what you’ve got, and give you a free quote, no obligation.

New Home Locks at the Best Prices

If the locks are looking a bit shabby, and you wish to change to different styles, functions or finishes, give Mountain Locksmith a call (719-257-8621) to help you direct your search to the perfect locks and finishes at the best prices.

Our wholesalers often have better prices than Home Depot or Lowes, and have much, much better inventories. Mountain Locksmith will provide those locks at cost, with the receipt, and just charge for installation. Give us a call (719-257-8621) for a free quote and then compare prices.

Bluetooth Deadbolt Locks

If you have small children, or would like an incredibly easy residential entry, you might like to consider the Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt for main entry doors or garage doors, or both.

These deadbolts are powered, and automatically retract when you touch them with your cell phone. No buttons to push. Same size as a regular deadbolt on the outside, slightly larger on the interior. They work on bluetooth, in conjunction with your WiFi, and can respond to Alexa “Echo Dot” voice control. You can open and lock your doors with your cell phone, and get instant alerts when a lock is opened. Amazon sells the latest generation Kevo deadbolt for $158.00 and the connection hub for $93.51 If you also want voice control, the Echo Dot is $50.00 All three come in at $301.50, with quick delivery. You can order them yourself, and have Mountain Locksmith install them for you, or have us order them, at the same price, with payment after installation. We’ll help you check the compatibility of your iphone or android, and you can decide on a finish.

Mountain Locksmith helps you get the perfect locks with no hassles and no markups. We’ll help you get the most dependable, secure locks with complete system compatibility, at the lowest price, and help you avoid buying mistakes. We purchase locks on a daily basis, from all over the U.S., and have reliable, low cost wholesale providers.

Re-lock your Colorado Springs Home

Mountain Locksmith was started in Woodland Park, and for a year, provided mostly service to the mountains. Last year we moved to Colorado Springs, but still are doing work in Teller County and Park County on almost a daily basis.

We pride ourselves on being a wide ranging “Always Open” emergency service to all of El Paso, Pueblo, Teller, Park and Douglas Counties. We love to travel! If you can’t find a locksmith readily available in your area, please give us a call for a firm quote and arrival time. We service areas which the others cannot or will not venture into, whether out in the mountains or out on the plains. At your service, Mountain Locksmith.