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The Benefit of Hiring an Emergency Locksmith

Being a 24 hour emergency locksmith in Colorado Springs is always amusing.  First of all, there’s no down time. Weekends off?  Oh please.  Holidays?  That’s when it gets busy.  One learns to take cat naps.  One learns to keep the cell within quick reach when taking a shower.  A 24 hour commercial and residential locksmith [...]

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Should You Change Your Locks After Buying a House?

The market for real estate here in Southern Colorado remains very strong. Homes are selling very quickly. All new home buyers and renters in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas should think about how many keys for their new home might be floating around out there! Move-in-time is a good time to consider security. Take a [...]

Should You Change Your Locks After Buying a House?2020-09-21T18:50:25+00:00

Security Review

Can you ever have too much security?  Yes.  Most definitely. When the number of locks, keys and security doors are a hindrance to quick exit in the event of a fire or an emergency, then your security has become just the opposite: a danger. I mention this as a result of several recent jobs in [...]

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Touchless Entry

A host of new products have suddenly come out in response to the need for touchless entry.  For commercial doors there are a variety of new products for pushing and pulling open doors with your foot (metal L-shaped plates at the base of the door), and also a variety of metal handles which allow for [...]

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Commercial Lock Changes

Commercial Lock Changes in Colorado Springs What's actually involved in setting up keyless entry for most businesses in Colorado Springs?  Most businesses here have narrow stile aluminum front doors.  They commonly have a bolt (called an Adams Rite latch) with a keyed lock (called a mortice cylinder).  To switch from this keyed system to one [...]

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What Can A Residential Locksmith Do For Me?

What Can A Colorado Springs Residential Locksmith Do For Me? When you think about a locksmith, your mind might immediately drive to automobiles. Locksmiths have been helping people gain access to their vehicles for decades, and this is perhaps one of the more common tasks they complete. It is far from their only specialty, [...]

What Can A Residential Locksmith Do For Me?2020-06-29T23:03:50+00:00

Why You Should Change Your Locks After Moving Into Your New Home

Why You Should Change Your Locks After Moving Into Your New Colorado Springs Home At real estate closings in El Paso and Teller Counties, the new homeowner is given keys to the property, opening up a range of options for increased or decreased security, depending on the course of action. Over the last twenty five [...]

Why You Should Change Your Locks After Moving Into Your New Home2020-07-30T18:16:17+00:00